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Lima Harley-Davidson® Racing History

Lima H-D® spent 4 great years on the racing circut. Mike Joyce, Jeff Eibling, Todd Joyce and Mark Joyce put countless hours of hard work into building a first place racing team. In 2005, Lima H-D® Racing took the title in the Sportster Performance Series, and after that year, the AMA discontinued running that series. After taking the title, Lima H-D® decided to step away from the active role that was once played in building and maintaining an amazing race team. Today, Mike and the staff of Lima H-D® do help to sponsor various flattrac racing teams, but mostly enjoy sitting in the stands supporting the sport of flat-track racing!

2006 Lima Harley-Davidson® Racing sponsored Bryan Bigelow, #11, for the 2006 Flat Track racing season. Due to injuries sustained during a race, Bryan and the team were forced to sit out for about a month, but returned to the racing circuit with the September 3rd race in Springfield, Illinois where Bryan finished in 10th position.

2005 - Lima Harley-Davidson® Racing sponsored Scott Stump, #77a, riding in the 883 Sportster Performance Series, and Bryan Bigelow, #11, riding in the Grand National Series. Both riders finished the season with the Lima H-D® Racing team's expertise and support. Stump took the 2005 Harley-Davidson® Sportster Performance Series Title! A first place victory well deserved!

Bigelow finished 13th in the Grand National Series, for an outstanding racing season for both the riders and the team! 2004 - Lima Harley-Davidson® renewed sponsorships with Cory McDermitt and Jess Roeder, the team's riders for both the 2002 and 2003 seasons. A June injury set Cory out for more than half of the season, but he came back strong and finished in 8th place! Jess, too, had a June injury that set him out thru July. He returned in August, qualified for the Columbus, Ohio Half-Mile Main Event, and finished in 17th place.

2003 - Lima Harley-Davidson® renewed sponsorships with Cory McDermitt and Jess Roeder, the team's riders from the 2002 season, and added Ron Kimmel to the racing team. Jess had an injury early on and was out nearly the entire season. Cory had a fantastic season and finished the year in third place, and Ron also had a great season.

2002 - Lima Harley-Davidson®/Buell® entered the racing circuit mid-season sponsoring riders Jess Roeder and Cory McDermitt. Jess and Cory ended the short season with 3, #1 finishes.

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